Team Building and Strategy Implementation – a Testimonial

Robin Speculand, with Bridges Business Consultancy in Singapore, about his long term use of The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine for senior executive teambuilding events throughout Asia.

Speculand Testimonial LDGM 60You can find out more about Robin’s work by visiting his new portal for organizational improvement and strategy implementation by visiting this website.

I edited the text to make it fit the slide. What Robin said was a bit more extensive and I repost it below.

For the FUN of It!

Scott Simmerman is the managing partner of Performance Management Company

The complete text of Robin’s testimonial about Lost Dutchman’s team building game:
My singular focus since I started Bridges Business Consultancy Int in 2000, is supporting leaders to successfully execute their strategy by ensuring they understand the importance of implementation and providing a framework that is so often missing. I have published two international bestsellers on the subject and just recently we launched the first ever portal in the world dedicated to strategy implementation – The Implementation Hub.

Ensuring leaders fully understand what it takes to implement strategy is a tough challenge as most leaders underestimate what it takes. I personally teach leaders in understanding that today you need both the ability to craft the right strategy and the skills to execute it. Most leaders have been taught how to plan but not how execute and as result most implementations fail.

I use the Lost Dutchman in my workshops as it is a phenomenal business simulation that brings to life the tough challenge of both planning and executing in a highly interactive and engaging manner. I have been running the Dutchman for 19 years now and it has never failed to impact leaders and demonstrate the key learnings.
If you are looking for a business simulation that will engage your leaders, allow them to understand the importance of planning, executing, communicating and collaborating then the Lost Dutchman is one of the best. Also I have lived and worked in SE Asia for 25 years now and the Dutchman works amazingly well across different cultures.

About Dr. Scott Simmerman

I am a publisher of team building exercises and illustrations used for impacting people and performance. I am best known for The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine as well as my Square Wheels images.
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